Our Approach

DESTINATION AYURVEDA purely follows the legislations of traditional ayurveda  for all the herbal preparations. Maintenance of overall good health is ensured by non-synthetic and pure products. We feel pride in manufacturing and promoting products in dosage forms of Capsules, Powders, Tablets, Syrups, Ointments, Creams, Oils, Granules, Asavas, Arishtas, Guti /Vati, Avalehas. We also pioneer in skin friendly natural, non-synthetic, beauty products. Using thought processes of ayurveda all herbal preparations are given their present form.

All products manufactured and promoted by DESTINATION AYURVEDA are certified by relevant regulatories of national and international standards. Due to high efficacy of products, virtually all the ailments are well managed by our products. Best quality, lab tested crude herbs and extracts are used in all the dosage forms, employing knowledge of traditional ayurveda on modern scales. Our strength lies in the faith gained by gifting good healthy to humanity by virtue of our finest range of natural products.

Our Story

From their day to day medical experiences of patient management, Dr. Satish Jerath and Dr.Shallu Jerath were pained to experience, that patients suffering from one ailment are treated by chemical based so called modern system, but suffer from serious side effects of medicines and  same ailment. This exacerbates to another ailment. Besides, this beings just a symptomatic system of treatment, doesn’t manage disease from root cause. So in order to manage patient’s side-effect free agony, from root level, promotion of authentic natural ways legislated in ayurveda and allied herbal systems along-with latest researched advancements in science were vowed to be designed and promoted.

Meet the Team

Dr. Satish Jerath


With might of family traditional medical practice and business,armed
with G.A.M.S. degree in ayurveda since 1972, under the aegis of his respected father Dr.Purushottam Lal Jerath and respected mother Dr.Prem Raani Jerath..... Dr.Satish Jerath helming Destination Ayurveda experienced medical practitioner who diagnoses, assesses the  conditions of ailing patients as per prescribed ayurved parameters,edicts and procedures and formulates/devises the treatments for relief and cure to patients without side effects.

Dr. Shallu Jerath


Since her childhood she was influenced with home remedies that her mother used to prepare from herbal kitchen condiments and natural herbs to treat basic ailments like fever ,common cough cold and pain.This influenced her to persue a medical career in ayurveda. Her authentic knowledge of ayurveda impressed Dr. Satish Jerath and he selected her as his daughter-in-law. With degree of B.A.M.S. in hand since 2004, she has earned and gained rich practical experience assisting Dr. Satish  Jerath in clinic and manufacturing,since 2006 onwards.

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