Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification

Composition of blood

Blood contains plasma and formed elements. If the blood is collected from an individual and its coagulation prevented by adding anti-coagulants to it and the centrifuged sufficiently, the blood is separated into two main layers, an upper clear layer is called plasma and lower layer, where the elements are packed up. These formed elements are- red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leukocytes) and platelets (thrombocytes). If infected , polluted or contaminated with impurities ,the blood requires Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification.

Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification

Impurities in blood

Harmful toxins that are eliminated by lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs and intestine and the enzymes released in the body by invasion of micro-organisms, particles released by various medications are the impurities that are carried by our blood are impurities in blood. Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification or Detoxification is process of cleansing of these impurities and it is very essential for our body’s normal metabolism.

What is the need and importance of Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification?

As we all that blood is the important and major transporter of the body that help to supply oxygen and various essential nutrients to all parts of body and help to regulate the normal functioning of vital organs of the body. Major functions of the blood are-

  • Respiration - blood is responsible to provide oxygen to every part of the body by means of respiratory system. Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification makes this function of blood easy.
  • Excretion - various wastes products of the body are carried by blood and ultimately removed from the body via kidneys. Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification helps cleans the systems regularly.
  • Nutrition - end products of digestion are absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and transported by blood to the liver for further processing and then to the tissues that need them. Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification keeps cleanliness and flexibility of micro tubes of nutrition transports.  
  • Blood in haemostatic functions - due to this mechanism blood helps to regulate heat, temperature and normal pH level in blood stream. With the regular Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification the body thermo-control centre in the brain imparts normal functions.
  • For defence mechanism - WBC’s helps to fight against invading bacteria and virus in body. Lymphocytes are connected with the immunity of body. Plasma in blood carries antibodies and all these blood cell give defence against infections. With the regular Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification the body becomes resistant to various varying infections.
  • Transportation - blood is responsible to carry nutrients, drugs and hormones to the body tissues.

All the above functions are regulated by blood and blood does not work on its own. Blood contains variety of destructive impurities that are harmful for our body cells and organs. To prevent the blood cells from the harmful effects of impurities, the regular ayurvedic treatment for blood purification is very necessary. Unhealthy eating patterns, hormonal changes, free radicals, toxins and diabetes are the major factors that causes impurities in blood stream.

Impure and contaminated blood is responsible for carrying various infections in body and to cause serious damage of vital organs of the body. It is very mandatory that Ayurvedic treatment for blood purification is done to prevent our body from the damage of impurities.

Diseases caused by impure blood –

Impurities of the blood are responsible for the onset of various harmful disorders in body. It can cause following disorders-

  • Liver damage
  • Cardiac disorder
  • Infectious diseases
  • Renal dysfunction
  • Ear and eye disorders
  • Tumours
  • Serious inflammations
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Ayurvedic treatment for detoxification or blood purification –

Purakt tablets, haemocilin syrup and arogya vardhini vati are the very effective ayuvedic medicines that promotes process of detoxification. All ayurvedic remedies available at Destination Ayurveda works wonderfully to purify blood in body. These herbal products help to neutralize the harmful activities of the impurities present in blood. All these natural remedies prevent our blood cells from the harmful actions of free radicals and it help to regulate the normal functioning of vital organs of the body.

ayurvedic treatment for blood purification
ayurvedic treatment for blood purification
ayurvedic treatment for blood purification

Process of blood purification is one essential step to prevent body from the risk of major health problems and all the above mention herbal products give very beneficiary results. Pure ayurvedic preparations and extract obtained from natural herbs are used in the preparation of these herbal remedies for blood purification. All these products are safe to use and regular intake give very satisfactory results. These products do not harm molecular level of cells and help to stimulate our natural immune system. It gives enough energy that our body cells fight against the infections caused by micro-organisms.

These products are free from the action of harmful chemicals and preservatives. These are formulated under supervision of expert Ayurveda doctors. Regular intake of these herbal remedies help to combat this disorder naturally without disturbing body functions.

Herbal products and ingredient detail :-

Hemocilin syrup- Neem (Meliaazadirachta), Sauveer(Ziziphussativa), Parpat (Fumariaindica), Sarphonka(Tephrosiapuruprae), Mundi (Sphaernthusindicus), Babool(Acacia catechu), Haritaki (Terminaliachebula), Raktachandana(Petrocarpussantilus), Heena (Lawsonia Alba), Bitter cucumber (Cittruluscolosynthus), Daruharidra(berberisaristata), senna(cassia augustifolia), Brahmdandi (Amberobadivarcata), Chirayta(Swertiachirayta) and Gulaab(Rosa alba) are the important herbs of Ayurveda used to prepare this herbal remedy to purify blood naturally. Pure extract obtained from all above mentioned herbs are used to prepare this wonderful healthy tonic of Destination Ayurveda. Regular use of this healthy tonic help to detoxify impurities of blood. All the herbs used in this natural syrup are potent to fight against the harmful wastes and free radical that are responsible for onset of many disorders. Regular use of this herbal product maintain health of kidneys and give them strength to excrete out harmful wastes.

Dosage :- 1 tablespoonful twice or thrice a day.

Purakt tablets :-Sajjkhar(Sodium bicarbonate), Shudhghandhak processed with Nimbtwak, and Babool(Acacia catechu) are the major ingredients used to prepare this natural remedy for blood purification. These herbs and ayuvedic products used in this remedy not only used to purify blood but also very beneficial to fight against various infectious conditions of skin. Sodium bicarbonate is used to treat various internal infections associated with different organs of body. Ghandhak is ayurvedic remedy to aid with infections of skin and nimb used to process it is natural purifier. Babool also help to stimulate our immune system and used to treat various bleeding disorders in body. It is beneficial herb that aid with problems of mouth and throat. It is good to treat toothache, bleeding gums, sore mouth and other dental carries.

Dosage :- 2 tablets twice a day after meals.

Arogyavardhini vati :- Rasa (Mercury), Gandhak, Abhrakbhasma, Lohabhasma, Haritaki, vibhitaki, Amalki, Shudhashilajitu,Nimb,Eranda, Gugguland Katuka are the various ingredients used to prepare this beneficial vati of Destination Ayurveda. Argoyavardhini vati help to treat various conditions of body that are responsible for causing impurities in blood like diabetes, obesity and renal dysfunctions. It is miraculous ayurvedic product for various disorders of body. Regular intake of this herbal remedy help to maintain natural strength of vital organs and also help to stimulate immune system.

All the above mentioned supplements are safe to use and do not cause any ill effects to other organs of body. Regular intake of these herbal ayurvedic medicines give satisfactory results.

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