Herbal medicines for diabetes


According to WHO, diabetes is a heterogeneous metabolic disorder of human body that is characterised by most common features of chronic hyperglycaemia with disturbance of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and it can be managed through herbal medicines for diabetes. Hyperglycaemia in diabetes does not cause a single disease but it is associated with numerous disorders and fatal symptoms.

Hyperglycaemia may results from-

  • Reduced insulin secretion
  • Decreased glucose use by body

Raised glucose production in body

Now a days diabetes is very common and life threating disease all over world. Every third person around world is facing this serious problem. Our reduced activity levels, obesity and sedentary life styles are responsible to give rise to this disorder. It is considered as major health issue owing to its serious complications like chronic renal diseases, IHD, gangrenes of lower extremities and eye related problems and blindness in adults.

Ketoacidosis, hypoglycaemia, atherosclerosis, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy and serious infections are further complications of this serious disorder.

Types :-

According to current studies this disorder is divided into two broad categories – Type 1 diabetes or IDDM (insulin dependent diabetes) and Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes) or also called T2DM.

  • Type 1 diabetes - this type of diabetes constitutes about 10% cases and it is also called insulin dependent diabetes. Due to its occurrence in younger age, previously it was also termed as juvenile- onset diabetes. This type of diabetes is further divided into two sub types-
  1. Subtype 1A- (immune mediated) - it is characterised by autoimmune destruction of beta-cells which finally leads to insulin deficiency.
  2. Subtype 2A- this type is characterised by insulin deficiency with tendency to develop ketosis but sufferers of this type are negative for autoimmune markers.

 Patients of type 1 diabetes usually manifest at early stages of life and onset of symptoms is often abrupt. Sufferers feel polyuria i.e. frequent urination, polydipsia or excessive thirstiness and polyphagia or increased hunger or craving to eat frequently. Patients of this type are not obese but they generally have progressive loss of weight. In further stages of life they are more prone to develop metabolic complications such as kidney issues and reduced glucose episodes in the body.

  • Type 2 Diabetes - this type comprises about 90% cases of diabetes. It is also called non-insulin dependent diabetes and previously it was called as maturity-onset diabetes. This type predominately affects older individuals and it is now known to occur in obese adolescent children also. It require insulin therapy to control hyperglycaemia and to prevent ketosis.

This type hits generally at middle stages of life or above the age of 40. Onset of this type of diabetes is very slow. Mostly patients are a symptomatic and raised glucose level in urine and hyperglycaemia are seen during examinations.

Gestational diabetes - it is very rare type and in 4% pregnant female gestational diabetes is seen due metabolic changes. Although they revert back to normal glycaemia after delivery, but these females are prone to develop diabetes easily in the later stages of their life.

Herbal medicines for diabetes-

Madhumehnil capsules, Chandra Prabha Vati (500mg) and Herbaqua are the amazing herbal medicines for diabetes available at Destination ayurveda. Regular use of these herbal medicines for diabetes helps to promote health of pancreas and also help to control and maintain normal glucose level in body. Regular intake of these herbal medicines for diabetes helps to prevent body cells and vital organs of diabetese sufferers from the serious complications of this serious disorder.

Natural extracts of pure herbs of Ayurveda are used to prepare these herbal medicines for diabetes. Regular intake of these herbal medicines of diabetes for 50-90 days helps to reduce the underlying symptoms of this serious health issue. These herbal medicines for diabetes are safe to use because these medicines are prepared under supervision of Ayurveda doctors,

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Herbal medicines for diabetes and ingredient detail:

  1. Madhumehnil capsules -Trigonella foenum graceum, Momordica charantia, Curcuma longa, Phyllanthus emblica, Shilajatu (mineral pitch), Incinerated micronized powder of Lead, Tin and Zinc are the various amazing and beneficial ingredients used to prepare this herbo-mineral medicine for treating diabetes. This herbal medicine for diabetes helps to reduce raised sugar level in body and urine. It is best herbal medicine for treating diabetes. Regular use of this herbal medicine for diabetes helps to increase blood circulation in lower extremities and protect diabetic patients from the risk of gangrenes, carbuncles and ulcers. All the herbs used in this herbal medicine for diabetes are very beneficial for pancreas and also help this organ to secrete proper insulin needed for our body. Trigonella foenum graceum used in this herbal treatment for diabetes is very effective anti-diabetic, digestive stimulant, appetizer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial and hepato-protective in nature. This effective herb of Ayurveda is also used to improve poor thyroid functions and it is also helpul to clear blockage of arteries in body. It helps to reduce high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in body. Bitter melon (Mormordica charantia) used in this herbal medicine for diabetes is very effective hypoglycaemic agent that helps to control diabetes. It helps in maintaining blood sugar level and also used to control bad cholesterol levels in body. It is richest source of potassium and helps to absorb high sodium content in body and very beneficial for controlling high blood pressure level. It is very beneficial herb for healthy heart and other vital organs of body.Turmeric (curcuma longa) used in this herbal medicine for diabetes is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-microbial herb. This herb helps to relieve excessive inflammation of excessive and internal organs of body. Shilajatu used in this herbal medicine for diabetes is known to have very potent effects to control diabetes. Presence of lead, tin and zinc is also very effective to control high glucose level in the body. Presence of these three elements helps to control the secretion of insulin and glucose in body. Regular use of this herbal medicine for diabetes gives very satisfactory results without harming molecular level of body tissues and organs.   

Dosage - 2 capsules twice a day after meals for 50-90 days.

  1. Chandra Prabha Vati (500mg)-Chandra prabha, Vaca, Musta, Bhunimba, Amrta, Devdharu, Haridra, Ativisa, Daruharidra, Pippalimula, Citraka, Dhanyaka,Haritaki, Bhitaki, Amalaki, Cavya, Vidanga, GajaPippali, Savrnamakshikabhasma, Yavakshara, Sarjiksara, Saindhalavana, Sauvarcalalavana, Vida lavana, Trivrt, Danti, Tejpatra, Tvak, Ela, Vamsalocana, Lauhbhasma, Sarkara, Silajatu and Gugguluare the various ingredients used to prepare this herbal medicine for diabetes. Chandra Prabha Vati (500mg) of Destination ayurveda is an effective herbal medicine for treating diabetes, urine related disorders and various other disorders associated with our body’s vital organs. Regular use of this herbal medicine for diabetes not only manages our blood sugar level but also helps to fight against serious illnesses associated with our urinary tract. It is also a very effective digestive stimulant and fights against various problems like gastritis, bloating, flatus and constipation. It is very effective ayurvedic medicine that is aphrodisiac in nature and also helps to improve our natural immunity and strength. All the herbs used in this herbal medicine for diabetes possesses calming effects and help to reduce the underlying symptoms of diabetes very effectively.

Dosage - 2 tablets twice a day after meals for 50-90 days.

  1. Herbaqua- Shunthi, Khas, Nagarmotha, Raktachandna, Netrabala and Parpat are the various important herbs of Ayurveda used in the preparation of this herbal medicine for diabetes. All the herbs used in this herbal medicine for diabetes are anti-oxidant in nature that help against various causative factors of diabetes. Shunthi used in this herbal medicine for diabetes is very useful digestive stimulant that helps to aid against very common symptom of diabetes i.e. constipation with bloating. Khas used in this herbal medicine for diabetes is very strong anti-inflammatory in nature and it is used in various ayurvedic medicines to fight against excessive inflammation in body. It fights against diabetes, improves strength and immunity, promotes brain functions and also helps to improve bone density. Nagarmotha is used to treat obesity and diabetes in Ayurveda. This herb of Ayurveda is packed with anti-oxidant properties and fights against various ailments and infections. Calming effects of Raktachandna help to relieve burning sensation in diabetese sufferers and also good to combat against various urinary tract related infections. Parpat used in this herbal medicine for diabetes helps to treat excessive thirst and burning sensation during micturition in diabetic patients.

How to use - Soak 2-3 of Herbaqua in 250ml of hot water. Let the mixture cool down. Strain the mixture and drink the filtered contents

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