Heart disease

Now a days heart disease is one leading factor that is responsible for maximum deaths all over world. Both males and females are equally affected with heart disease. Growing age and family history plays very important role in this problem. Our unhealthy and unhygienic eating habits and sedentary life styles and disturbed sleeping patterns contribute a lot for various heart related problems. Our stressful lives are responsible for various disorders like diabetes, hypertension and raised cholesterol level in the body and finally all these factors give rise to serious heart disorders and these can be managed through ayurvedic treatment for heart disease. To know about the multiple heart disorders we firstly need proper working of healthy heart and different parts of this essential and vital organ of body.

ayurvedic treatment for heart disease

Working of heart :-

Heart is a muscular pump present in human body that supplies blood into the vascular tree with sufficient pressure to maintain the optimal circulation. The average weight of heart in males is about 300-350gm while in adult female weight of heart is 250-300gm. This vital organ’s atria are lying superiorly and right and left ventricle both are larger in size and lie inferiorly. Below mentioned is normal pathway of blood supply in body by heart:

Venous blood from circulation----right atrium----right ventricle----pulmonary arteries---- lungs----pulmonary veins----left atrium----left ventricle-----aorta----systemic arterial supply.

Transport of blood in body is regulated by cardiac valves. The wall of the heart mainly consists of the myocardium which is covered externally by thin membrane called visceral pericardium and lined internally by another thin layer, the endocardium.

Classification of heart diseases :-

Below mentioned is the list of multiple heart diseases that every person is experiencing now in this modern era :

  1. Heart failure :- Heart failure is defined as state of heart in which impaired cardiac function is unable to maintain the adequate blood circulation for the metabolic needs of the tissues of the body. This condition may be acute or chronic. This condition is the end result of various serious forms of heart disorders. it may be caused by the following factors, either singly or in combination-
  • Intrinsic pump failure
  • Increased workload on the heart
  • Impaired filling of cardiac chambers

     Heart failure may be acute or chronic, left sided and right sided, and forward and backward failure.

  1. Cardiac hypertrophy :- Cardiac hypertrophy is defined as the increase in the size and weight of the myocardium. It generally results from increased pressure load while increased volume load results in hypertrophy. The atria of the heart may also undergo compensatory changes due to increased workload of the heart. Basic factors that are responsible to stimulate hypertrophy are not known. Stretching of myocardial fibres and disturbed functioning of various hormones may be considered as major factors for onset of this problem. Common causes of left ventricular hypertrophy may include- systemic hypertension, mitral insufficiency, aortic stenosis and congenital anomalies etc.Various causes of right ventricular hypertrophy may include- pulmonary stenosis, tricuspid insufficiency, mitral stenosis, chronic lung disorders and failure of left ventricle.
  2. Congenital heart disorders :- Congenital heart disorder is the abnormality of heart present from the birth. It is very common and important form of heart disorders in the early stages of life and present in about 10-15% infants. The incidence is very much higher in premature births. Causes of congenital heart disease are unknown. Genetics, incestuous conceptions, environmental factors, various infections in pregnancy like rubella, overuse of drugs by pregnant mothers and smoking and alcohol intake during pregnancy are the factors that may cause congenital heart disease
  3. Ischaemic heart disease :- Ischaemic heart disease is defined as acute or chronic form of cardiac disability arising from the imbalance between the myocardial supply and demand for the oxygenated blood. It is most important and leading cause of death even in both under developed and developed countries of the world. It is most commonly caused by the diseases affecting the coronary arteries, most common is atherosclerosis in 90% of cases and other causes contribute in 10% of cases of ischaemic heart disease.
  4. Angina pectoris :- Angina pectoris is clinical syndrome of ischaemic heart disease resulting from myocardial ischemia. This heart disease is characterized by paroxysmal pain in the sub sternal or precordial region of the chest which is aggravated by an increase in the demand of the heart and relieved by a decrease in the work of the heart. Pain in this problem is radiated to left arm, neck, jaw or in the right arm. There are three different patterns of angina pectoris that are- stable or typical pectoris, prinzmetal’ variant angina and unstable angina.
  5. Acute myocardial infarction :- It is the most important consequence of coronary artery disease. Many patients with this problem may die in the few hours of the onset, while others suffer from the effects of impaired cardiac functions. It can occur at any age, but in this modern era mostly youngsters are at the higher risk of this heart disease. Male are more prone to this myocardial infarction than females.
  6. Hypertensive heart disease :- This disease of heart results from the systemic hypertension of prolonged duration and manifestation by left ventricular hypertrophy. It is second most form of heart disease after ischaemic heart disease.
  7. Cor pulmonale :- This heart disease is commonly found in right side of heart resulting from the disorders of the lungs. It is characterised by right ventricular dilatation or hypertrophy or both. It is further divided into acute and chronic cor pulmonale.
  8. Endocarditis :- Inflammatory involvement of the endocardial layer of the heart is called endocarditis. It is further divided into non-infective and infective endocarditis.
  9. Sudden cardiac death :- It is defined as sudden death within 24 hours of the onset of cardiac symptoms. The one most important cause of this type of heart disease is coronary artherosclerosis, and less common cause is due to coronary vasospasm. Non ischaemic causes of sudden cardiac death is aortic stenosis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, mitral valve prolapse, endocarditis, hereditary and acquired defects of the system.
  10. Valvular disease and deformities :- It also results in the cardiac problems and cardiac failure. Rheumatic heart disease is the most common form of valvular disease. Valvular deformities are further divided into two types- stenosis and insufficiency. Stenosis is the term used for failure of a valve to open completely during diastole resulting in obstruction to the forward flow of blood. Insufficiency is the failure of a valve to close during systole resulting in back flow or regurgitation of blood.
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Ayurvedic treatment for heart disease :-

Gali-Zn-Co capsule, Gulvalex capsule, Chandra Prabha Vati (500mg) and Arogya Vardhini Vati (500mg) are the potent ayurvedic treatments for heart disease especially available at the house of Destination Ayurveda. These ayurvedic treatments for heart disease are prepared from the pure extracts obtained from the usable by humans and natural herbs of Ayurveda. Regular use of these ayurvedic treatments for heart disease helps to maintain the overall health of heart and also help to fight against the numerous factors that are responsible for the onset of multiple heart diseases. Regular intake of these ayurvedic treatments for heart disease help to remove the blockage of arteries and improve the functioning of heart. Herbs used in these ayurvedic treatment for heart disease fight against various infections and free radicals that are responsible for various heart related illnesses.

This ayurvedic treatment for heart disease helps to remove fat, toxins and bad cholesterols from body. Herbs work efficiently to strengthen the muscles of heart. Herbs used in this ayurvedic treatment for heart disease also fight against lung disorders and infections that give rise to various problems of cardiac system.

All the products of Destination Ayurveda are safe to use and give very satisfactory results. Products are formulated under medical supervision of Ayurveda experts and there are no side effects due to added chemicals, colours, binders and preservatives in the products of this pharmacy.

Ayurvedic treatment for heart disease with full ingredient detail :-

  1. Garli-Zn-Co capsule - Allium sativum, Phyllantus emblica, Nardostachys jatamansi, Alovera, Inula racemosa, Albizzia lebbeck, Tinospora cordifolia, Yashad are the various important ingredients used to prepare this ayurvedic treatment for heart disease. Allium sativum used in this ayurvedic treatment for heart disease is very beneficial remedy that helps to fight against arthero-sclerosis, high cholesterols and raised blood pressure that are major factors for rise of various heart related problems. Garlic is also very effective remedy for upset stomach and heartburn. Amla is powerhouse of anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients. It helps to fight against free radicals and infections responsible for heart diseases. Regular use of this beneficial herb of Ayurveda helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.Jatamansi is also very effective anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant herb of Ayurveda that helps to fight against various heart problems. It protects our heart and liver from various infections and other illnesses. It helps to reduce excessive stress and fight against the factors responsible for disturbed sleep. Regular use of this herb helps to reduce raised cholesterols and hypertension. Aloe Vera is very effective anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant herb, these properties of herb make it capable to fight against various health and heart related issues. Natural extract of herb Inula racemosa works effectively to fight against various cardiac troubles. Active principles, compounds present in this herb help to fight against myocardial ischemia and infarctions. Astringent and anti-oxidant properties of Lebbeck help to combat cardiac and pectoral troubles. Yashad helps to clear blockages and used to reduce excessive inflammation of internal body. It helps to fight against cardiac troubles and night sweating. All the herbs used in this ayurvedic treatment for heart disease are cardio-protective in nature and give very satisfactory results.

Dosage- 2 capsules twice daily after meals.

  1. Gulvalex capsule – Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) is only herb of Ayurveda used to prepare this ayurvedic treatment for heart disease. Anti-oxidant properties of herb help to fight against free radicals and help to boost our immune system. Adaptogen properties present in this herb are potent to fight against various factors like mental illness, stress and anxiety responsible for various heart problems. It is natural rejuvenator that helps to maintain molecular level of cells, tissues and vital organs of body. This herb of Ayurveda has ability to flush out harmful toxins from body that are major cause of heart problems. It helps to stimulate our immune system and also good for treating acute and chronic fevers. Guduchi is anti-inflammatory in nature and  a natural stress buster herb of Ayurveda. Regular use of this ayurvedic treatment for heart disease also helps to control diabetes and hypertension. 

Dosage - 2 capsules twice daily after meals.

  1. Argogya Vardhini Vati (500mg)-Rasa (Mercury), Loha bhasma, Abhrak bhasma, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Amalki, Shilajatu, Shudh guggul, Eranda, Katuka and Nimb are the various ingridients used to prepare this ayurvedic treatment for heart disease. Arogya Vardhini Vati (500mg) of Destination Ayurveda is single medicine for use in multiple disorders of various disorders of vital organs of human body. Regular use of Arogya Vardhini Vati (500mg) helps to improve our digestion and also help to flush out harmful toxins from body. Arogya Vardhini Vati (500mg) fights against various cardiac and liver related troubles. It helps to reduce obesity and raised cholesterol level and its regular use helps to clear blockages. It helps to improve our immunity and fight against various infections. It helps to remove extra fat and protect our heart from many disorders.

Dosage - 2 tablets twice daily after meals for 50-90days.

  1. Chandra Prabha Vati (500mg) -Chandra prabha, Vaca, Musta, Bhunimba, Amrita, Devdharu, Haridra, Ativisa, Daru haridra, Pippali mula, Citraka, Dhanyaka,Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amalaki, Cavya, Vidanga, Gaja Pippali, Savrna makshika bhasma, Yava kshara, Sarji kshara, Saindha lavana, Sauvarcala lavana, Vida lavana, Trivrt, Danti, Tej patra, Tvak, Ela, Vamsalochana, Lauh bhasma, Sharkara, Shilajatu and Guggulu are various ingredients used in the preparation of this beneficial ayurvedic treatment for heart disease. Chandra prabha Vati (500mg) is very effective remedy for various gastric and cardiac troubles. It helps to fight against various infections of urinary and digestive system. It helps to clear inflammation of respiratory tract and fight against cold, cough, flu, asthma and bronchitis. It also helps to improve internal power and strength. It is effective remedy for high blood pressure, diabetes and excessive cholesterols.

Dosage - 2 tablets twice day after meals for 50-90days.

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