Joint Pain

It is well said that a healthy body has a healthy mind because body and mind are not separate but affect each other. In this modern world, health complications are increasing day by day. Joint pain have become the common problem of the people of all age groups (children, adult and old people) which can be controlled by a natural remedy for Joint Pains.Various factors are responsible for these problems like our lifestyle, eating habits and some medications. This problem is at peak these days, to treat the problem of joint pain people go for allopathic medicines which results in various side effects on health. Allopathic medicines only focus to treat the diseases rather than augmenting good health whereas in ayurveda, main emphasis is to boost a good health along the treatment of diseases.

natural remedy for Joint pains

Various symptoms of Joint & Muscle Pains :-

  • Serious swelling of joints and supporting muscles
  • Redness and tenderness around joints and surrounding binding sub-muscles and muscles
  • Immobility of joints
  • Shooting-Killing-Penetrating joint pain

Major cause of Joint & Muscle Pains :-

One of the important and major causes of joint pains is arthritis and this problem is further divided into two types--osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Wrist, hand, hip, shoulder and knee joints are main common areas that are affected by this problem which can be controlled by a natural remedy for Joint Pains and Muscle Pains.

Other causes that contribute to cause this disorder may include :-

  • Serious inflammation in body joints
  • Gout
  • Injuries
  • Inflammation
  • Physical exertion
  • Infections of bones
  • Excessive use of body joints
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancers
  • Growing age
  • Other medical conditions like sciatica etc.

Preventive measures one should practice to resist Joint & Muscle Pains :-

Try to avoid the foods that are responsible for causing arthritis. Eat healthy diet and try to stay active. Poor sleep is also responsible for causing joint pain, so try to improve your sleep cycle. Add anti-oxidant rich food so that it helps to fight against internal inflammations and protect your joints and muscles from the risk of pain and other serious conditions.

  • Exercise regularly involving every joint of body
  • Palpate and pat each and every small/big joint after finishing daily activities when retiring
  • Avoid putting unnecessary strain and or burden on your joints specially weight bearing ones
  • Avoid junk foods, non-vegetarian edibles so that digestive system performs comfortably liver and kidneys are not stressed
  • Consume dry fruits, seasonal fruits regularly for constant replenishment cells and tissues of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Have a twice a week hot water dipped cloth sponging
  • Have a disciplined sleep cycle

Best available Ayurvedic / Natural Remedy for  Joint Pains & Muscle Pains :-

Natural remedy for joint pains

Strycom capsule available at Destination Ayurveda is very effective and and amazing natural remedy for joint pains and muscle pains in our body.

We all know that joint pain is a very common issue that everyone is facing today. This formulation is natural remedy for joint pains and muscle pains and works wonderfully on the joints, muscles and nerves of the body and it helps to alleviate various problems associated with both parts of our body. Arthritis, gout and rheumatoid are very common problems in this era and main reason for this problem is internal inflammation in joints and muscles. This formulation also helps to fight these problems and it promotes the overall health of bones and muscles. Strycom capsule is a safe and effective natural remedy for joint pains and muscle pains. This supplement helps to treat this problem in natural and wonderful way without any harmful side-effects.

Indications/ uses of Strycom capsule :-

Arthritic pain, sciatica, rheumatoid joint pain and muscle pain are the various indications that are treated by this single formulation of Destination Ayurveda.

Bones and muscles are very essential part of our body and joints are the part of body where different bones join together. Ache, discomfort, inflammation, stiffness and tenderness at various joints of the body is basically called joint pain. Shoulders, hip, elbows, knees and ankle joints are the major joints of our body and are affected by pains and can be treated by natural remedy for Joint pains and Muscle pains.

Strycom capsule is one simple solution that helps to fight against all the signs and symptoms caused by this problem. Regular intake of this formulation helps to promote the overall health of body muscle, joints and bones. For better results one should consume these capsules regularly. Strycom capsule are helpful to reduce tenderness and very effective formulation for sore muscles and nerves too.

 Ingredients of Strycom capsules :-

Strycom capsule is miraculous formulation prepared by using various ingredients. The main key ingredients of this formulation include:

  • Kupilu shodhit (Purified Strychnos nuxvomicos)
  • Nirgundi ghana (Ext.Vitax negundo)
  • Ekanveer rasa
  • Erandamoola (Ricinus communis)
  • Sameerpannag rasa
  • Shallaki (Boswellia serrate)
  • Mahavaat vidvansan rasa
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
  • Yograaj guggulu

Kupilu is the major herb of Ayurveda and pure extract obtained from this herb is very effective natural remedy for joint pains. This herb is also useful for treating gout, sciatica and rheumatoid arthritis. Purified from of Nuxvomicos is used in this remedy. Kupilu is very effective herb that is useful to treat reproductive system related problems in men. It is also good to stimulate digestive fire and to improve process of digestion.

Nirgundi ghan used in this preparation is very effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Anti-inflammatory properties of this herb help to reduce excessive inflammation and pain of the joints. It is also effective herb for treating rheumatism and sprains in the body. In this formulation nirgundi is used in the form of Nirgundi ghana. Nirgundi is  also known to fight against infectious conditions of skin.

Eranda is another essential herb of Ayurveda that helps to reduce the effects of inflammation and also help to reduce degenerative changes of bones. It is also helpful herb to relieve excessive stiffness and tenderness that are major cause of joint associated pain.

Shallaki- shallaki is very beneficial modifying agent, is very amazing herb of Ayurveda that is used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions of joints and other vital organs of body. This herb is used to improve mobility of joints and promotes the overall health of bones and joints. It helps to reduce swelling and severe joint pain. Shallaki  is proven anti-inflammatory herb of Ayurveda used to treat various serious conditions of joints. It is also beneficial for treating rheumatoid, osteoarthritis and lower back pain. It acts as an aphrodisiac and help to promote natural healing process in our body.

Ashwagandha- osteoarthritis is the major condition that is responsible for the causing discomfort and joint pain. Ashwagandha is very miraculous anti-inflammatory herb that helps to treat this condition. It also helps to stimulate our immune system and make our body cells potent to fight against various micro-organisms. Ashwagandha is also very effective remedy for treating arthritis, bipolar disorders, stress, anxiety, gastro-intestinal problems, skin disorders, respiratory disorders and liver diseases. It acts as adaptogen that helps to fight against excessive stress and anxiety.

All the above mentioned herbs and other preprations like Ekangveer rasa,Sameerpannag rasa, Yograaj guggulu, Mahavaatvidvansan rasa are used in this formulation make it capable to fight serious condition. This supplement Strycom helps to maintain normal molecular level of our body cells. Use of this natural supplement and  little efforts make your life easy and happy.

Your initiatives and regular use of this supplement work wonderfully and you get relief from this serious condition normally without any ill effects. This product is formulated under the medical supervision of experts.

Dosage :- you can take 1 capsule two or three times a day after your meals.

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