Ayurveda products for anaemia care


Anaemia is defined as a haemoglobin concentration in the blood below the lower limit of the normal range for the age and sex of the individual. Normal range of haemoglobin in males is 13.0g/dl and in females normal range is 11.5g/dl. New-born infants have higher range of haemoglobin level and, therefore, 15g/dl is taken as the lower limit at the time of birth, whereas at 3 months the lower level is 9.5g/dl. Although haemoglobin is considered as the major parameter for determining whether or not anaemia is present, the red blood cell counts, haematocrit and the absolute values of MCH, MCV and MCHC provide alternate means of assessing anaemia.

Ayurveda products for anaemia care

Causes of ANAEMIA

  • Blood loss due to injuries, heavy menstrual flow, post-partum haemorrhages, internal bleeding due to gastric ulcers, colon cancers and heavy urinary tract bleeding.
  • Poor diet and unhygienic diet.
  • Poor absorption of iron in body.
  • Lack of red blood cell production.
  • Ill effects of certain medications.

Symptoms of anaemia-

In the symptomatic cases of anaemia, the presenting features are:

  • Tiredness
  • Easy fatigability
  • General muscular weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Headache

In older patients, there may be symptoms of cardiac failure, angina pectoris, intermittent claudication, confusion and visual disturbances.

Signs of anaemia-

A few general signs common to all types of anaemia are as under-

  • Pallor- pallor is the most common and characteristic sign which may be seen in the mucous membranes, conjunctivae and skin.
  • Cardiovascular system related signs - a hyper-dynamic circulation may be present with tachycardia, collapsing pulse, cardiomegaly, mid-systolic flow murmur, dyspnoea on exertion, and in the case of elderly, congestive heart failure.
  • Central nervous system related signs- the older patients may develop symptoms of CNS such as faintness attacks, giddiness, headache, tinnitus, drowsiness, numbness and tingling sensation of hands and feet.
  • Ocular problems- retina haemorrhages may occur if there is associated vascular disease or bleeding diathesis.
  • Reproductive system related signs- menstrual disturbances such amenorrhoea, loss of libido and menorrhagia are the some manifestations involving in the reproductive system in anaemia.
  • Renal system related signs- mild proteinuria and impaired concentrating capacity of the kidney may occur in severe cases.
  • Gastro-intestinal system related signs- anorexia, flatulence, nausea, constipation and weight loss are major clinical signs of anaemia that are associated with gastro-intestinal tract.

Best Ayurveda products for anaemia care -

Iroyam capsules and Hemocytone syrup are the best Ayurveda products for treating anaemia is easily available at Destination Ayurveda. Both Ayurveda products for anaemia care are very beneficial for anaemic sufferers because regular use of these Ayurvedaproducts for anaemia helps to stimulate the process of production of new blood cells in body and help to raise the decreased level of haemoglobin in body.

Ayurveda products for anaemia care
Ayurveda product for anaemia care

Herbs used in these Ayurveda products for anaemia care work wonderfully to aid with this disease and also protect the other vital organs of the body from the harmful damage caused this serious damage in body. Both herbal remedies help to reduce the underlying symptoms of the problem and help to maintain the normal molecular level of cells in body. Pure extract obtained from natural herbs are used to prepare these best Ayurveda products for anaemia care of Destination Ayurveda. These Ayurveda products are free from the harmful preservatives, chemicals and binders. All the products of this pharmacy are formulated under the supervision of Ayurveda experts and by following the principles of Ayurveda.

Regular use of both the herbal remedies for anaemia help to fight against the free radicals, wastes, toxins and harmful micro-organisms that are major cause for the destruction of blood cells in the body. Use of these Ayurveda products for anaemia care are safe and do not cause any other medical health issues. These products also help to stimulate our digestion and also very beneficial for other important organs of human body.

Note :-

Subnormal level of haemoglobin causes lowered oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. This, in turn, initiates compensatory physiological changes such as –

  • Increased release of oxygen from haemoglobin
  • Increased blood flow of the tissues
  • Maintenance of the blood volume
  • Reconstruction of blood flow to maintain the cerebral blood supply

Investigations for anaemia :-

After taking complete history of the patient and knowing completely about sign and symptoms of the disease following investigations are generally followed-

  • Haemoglobin estimation
  • Peripheral blood film examination
  • Leucocyte and platelet count
  • Reticulocyte count
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
  • Bone marrowexamination

Ayurveda product detail and ingredients-

  1. Iroyam capsules - Shushkakaaseesak (Dessicated Ferrous sulphate), Bidanga(Embliaribes) and Twaqpatra (cinnamomumtamala) are the major ingredients used to prepare this essential Ayurveda product for anaemia. All these ayurvedic remedies are beneficial for treating this condition due to their medicinal properties. Shushkakaaseesak is very essential ayurvedic remedy that help to fight against anaemia caused by deficiency of iron in body. iron is very essential component for human body and cells and regular use of this herbal supplement help to maintain the normal range of iron in the body that are necessary for blood cells and other vital organs. As we all know that iron is major oxygen carrying component of blood and this Ayurveda product for anaemia help maintain the health of red blood cells, muscle tissues and also help to boost immune system. Bidanga used in this Ayurveda product for anaemia is effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in nature, it help to fight against micro-organisms that causes infections in body. This herb help to support the functioning of liver and also help to protect this vital organ from inflammation and infections. Twaqpatra used in this herbal remedy is powerhouse of anti-oxidant that help to stimulate immune system and also help to combat with the auto-immune related problems that give birth to anaemia. It is also beneficial to reduce excessive inflammation and very essential herb for cardiac system.

Dosage - 2 capsules two times a day.

  1. Hemocytone syrup - Hemocytone is also best Ayurveda product to treat anaemia at Destination Ayurveda in form of health syrup. Arjun (Terminaliaarjuna), Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera), Soa (Antheumsowa), Neembu rasa (Citrus aurantifolia) and Lohbhasma are the various important ingredients used to prepare this healthy tonic for anaemia. Arjuna is used in Ayurveda for more than 3000 years for its beneficial medicinal properties. This herb is known for its properties for treating blood related problems, heart disorders and also used to clear the blockage of blood vessels and arteries. It help to stimulate the process of production of blood cells and also help to promote the normal flow of blood. Its anti-oxidant nature help to fight against toxins and impurities of the blood. Ashwagandhais anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and immune-modulator herb of Ayurveda. This herb is used to treat cardio-vascular disorders, inflammations and anxiety disorders. It has revitalizing actions on bone marrow and blood cells and very effective herb to treat anaemia. Soaused in this Ayurveda product is also very essential herb for cardiac and inflammatory diseases. This herb help to boost immune system and fight against infections. Neembu rasa used in this healthy tonic help to boost immunity and also help to flush out harmful toxins from blood that are major cause of cell damage. It help to repair damaged cells and promote the production of new blood cells. Lohbhasma is prepared from iron. It help to improve immunity, strength, memory, intelligence and digestive power.

Dosage - 2 tablespoon two times a day.

Regular use of both Ayurveda products for anaemia care help to treat this condition naturally and do no cause any side-effects to other organs of the body. Both herbal remedies for anaemia help to overcome this harmful condition and used to stimulate process of production of new blood cells.

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